Gloryhole Sex Shops

Finding a real Gloryhole in a sex shop or pornstore.

We have all thought about going to one of those seedy sex shops hoping to find a real glory hole. This is much easier wished then actually accomplished. Almost all sex shops / porn stores that have video booths usually don't have a hole for you to stick your dick through or if there is a real gloryhole it's usually a man in the other booth. Some guys don't care who is sucking their cock in the other booth. If you are satisfied with having a guy suck your cock then it's a little easier to find a real gloryhole. If you want a girl to be in the other booth that is a much more difficult task.
After searching far and wide we have found a great Gloryhole site that has real amateur girls sucking strangers cocks in a gloryhole. The variety of the girls is great, everything from college girls, MILFs and BBWs. The site updates consistently and they give you exactly what is expected. Real girls giving blowjobs to strangers and most of the girls swallow the cum from the strangers.

The guys that created the site first got all their buddies together and built a custom gloryhole for their personal use. They invited girls they new loved to suck cock. After a few months of secrecy they decided to add some cameras. They started out with a camera above each gloryhole. Then one night after a few beers they come up with the idea of having one of them go in the booth with the girl and video tape the action. After a few videos they uploaded some videos to xhamster, the response was awesome. They got so many requests to post more videos that they decided to open their own website dedicated to their Gloryhole. The site they created is called Glory Hole Secrets.You can read more about their site here.

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